The Pager SNMP Sub-Agent module translates messages received from a monitored message queue into SNMP traps which can then be forwarded to a remote network monitoring system.

Also in this module is the capability to receive Traps from other systems and to take actions on selected traps. This enables Pager/Control to monitor an entire heterogeneous network.


Monitoring your entire network with Pager/Control

Users of Pager/Control will know that they can trust Pager/Control to keep a watchful eye on their iSeries systems and to react and send out warnings when necessary. But far too often these users have a separate package to monitor the infrastructure outside the iSeries. This is not completely illogical as Pager/Control is a specialist system for monitoring the iSeries and other packages are written specifically to monitor Windows, Unix and other platforms.

A disadvantage here is that a network manager or system manager will have to work with two separate and totally different systems to monitor his complete network infrastructure. This is not necessary. Pager/Control can offer a number of ways of obtaining a single monitor for all the systems in your network. Hereby the operator does not have to keep switching from one monitor to another depending on which platform he is reviewing.

Of course there are solutions such as Tivoli and HP OpenView which will provide a deep cover for all platforms. Such packages are often over complex due to the diversity of the systems which they have to cover. For some these packages cost way above the available budget and need specialists to configure and even operate them.

With the soon to be announced Pager/Control SNMP Trap Manager users of Pager/Control can use the following methods in order to have a Single Monitor Interface to their entire network.

Option 1. Receiving Traps within Pager/Control. This option uses Pager/Control as the entire network monitoring interface and requires an external trap manager such as Tivoli to issue SNMP traps and send them to Pager/Control. Pager/Control can filter those traps and issue warning signals such as SMS text messages, email or pager messages etc to the system manager.

Option 2. Combining Pager/Control with an external monitor by way of sending Traps from the iSeries using Pager/Control SNMP Trap Manager. In this option Pager/Control is not used as the single monitor interface but an external to the iSeries package such as Netguard. Pager/Control is configured to monitor the iSeries system and applications in the normal way using message queue filters and API’s. When a message requires Pager/Control to act, it will format the message data using the Trap Manager and send that via SNMP to the external monitor.

Option 3. Combining Pager/Control with an external monitor by way of the Escherware MIB Sub-Agent within Pager/Control. SNMP Trap Manager. This is a similar solution to Option 2 but requires a pro-active approach from the network monitor. Messages are filtered and captured in the normal way by Pager/Control but instead of sending the filtered message via a TRAP, Pager/Control SNMP Trap Manager will populate the Escherware iSeries MIB sub agent with the relevant information. The external package will poll the MIB structure and will detect the data in the same way as it would if checking the MIB of a printer or router.

The iSeries MIB. IBM have provided a basic MIB within the iSeries and this contains such information as disk and peripheral data, performance data etc but no information about applications running on the iSeries. Escherware has extended the iSeries MIB to include any information passed to it by Pager/Control. Using this extended information Netguard can display detailed performance and status information from OS/400 and show the status of key applications running on the iSeries.