The SMS response module uses a GSM modem connected directly to your iSeries -or using the IP module- allowing the system to send SMS messages directly into the air without the need for a telephone line. Furthermore it makes it possible to answer inquiry messages using your mobile telephone from almost anywhere in the world.

Another exciting feature of the SMS Response Module is the ability to execute iSeries commands using coded SMS messages (securely) sent from mobile phone to your system.

Enrich your Applications with interactive SMS

A very special feature of the SMS Response Module is the API set which allows you to integrate interactive SMS into your applications. Communicate with your delivery drivers, service engineers, sales force etc. etc. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.


  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Execute remote commands from you mobile device
  • Fully integrated with Pager/Control
  • GSM modem uses standard GSM-SIM card
  • Supports most GSM networks both subscribed and pre-pay
  • Includes pre-configured GSM Modem and optional IP converter