Pager/Control provides peace of mind operating an iSeries (AS/400) system to its full capacity - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Errors appear at any time and even rigorous periodic checking routines may detect a problem only after considerable time has elapsed. Pager/Control responds the instant an error occurs. It does so without the need for periodic checking or for staff members to be present on site in or outside office hours. Pager/Control takes over the monitoring of iSeries (AS/400) systems, and provides an operator with important system messages automatically - and instantaneously. Pager/Control informs the person in charge when required, for example in the event of disasters that require manual intervention. The use of Pager/Control reduces any non-productive workload of systems staff by minimizing the change that system errors may not be detected or be detected too late for timely and effective corrective action. Costs are saved as timely corrective action may prevent the need for system restoration or other major remedial action.

Features & Benefits

Management of iSeries (AS/400) systems staff supervision. Output to various electronic mail types full-stop Message queue monitoring and message handling for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Automatic response to many situations. Worldwide call transmission via GSM, telephone, pager or radio networks. Such calls can consist of GSM text, voice messages, pager calls, message watch calls, or faxes. Call transmission both automatic and on an ad hoc basis from any (iSeries (AS/400)) workstation. Outgoing call confirmation and recording. Network version Benefits: cost reduction, productivity increase, level of service increase, efficient problems solving.

iSeries process monitoring and management

Pager/Control monitors and manages automation by means of message queue filters. These filters can be defined for any message queue, as required. Once configured, Pager/Control determines which actions to take and what messages, if any, need to be transmitted. It is a simple matter for users to define, modify or delete these filters, enabling Pager/Control to respond to the way you like to work.

Answering Messages

Pager/Control can immediately pass on iSeries (AS/400) messages as calls. Additionally, Pager/Control is able to respond to messages by initiating a (user) program (CL, RPG, etc.) and/or by passing on messages to other message queues. When Pager/Control transmits a call message, recipients can use their own equipment to link up with the system and carry out the necessary tasks. If the recipient has installed the SMS Response Module then the message can be answered at once. It is not necessary for systems managers and operators to carry out periodic inspection of the system.

Call Transmission

Pager/Control transmits calls both automatically and on an ad hoc basis, using IP, GSM or asynchronous communication. These calls can be GSM text, pager calls (script, numerical, tone), or e-mail. Pager/Control transmits the standard iSeries (AS/400) message or re-defines the transmitted message. Pager/Control transmits messages from any workstation and from any iSeries (AS/400) application. Therefore, staff members can be contacted or informed as and when required.

Job Monitor

The Job Monitor is an integral part of the Basic module of Pager/Control. This module allows the monitoring of Jobs which have not necessarily issued a message to a message queue. This highly useful feature can check if a job is running when it should not be and vice versa. It can check to see if the correct number of job instances are running. The percentage of CPU usage of a job is checked for being within toleration limits. A job may also be checked for being in message wait status.

System Monitor

The System Monitor sends alert messages (SMS, email, Pagers etc) if the threshold on the iSeries System i5 CPU, DB Capability, System ASP etc is reached. This function will inform the system i5 manager as soon as a job starts using too much of the system resources causing other jobs or users to suffer delays. The system manager is then able to take the necessary action with minimum interruption to other system users.

Just like the Job Monitor the System Monitor is an integral part of Pager/Control and is free to all users with a maintenance contract.

Minimal Technical Requirements

IBM iSeries (AS/400) with OS/400 version 5.1 or higher 15 MB of free DASD. Communications facilities (V.24 port, IP connection, GSM or asynchronous modem). SMS, pager and email. Access to a GSM, pager or radio network. Escherware configured GSM modem (SMS Response Module).

Network Version

The network version of Pager/Control monitors and manages not only multiple iSeries (AS/400) systems, but also any device that may be linked to them. Messages can be automatically passed to other iSeries (AS/400) systems and calls can be transmitted centrally. iSeries (AS/400) systems running the network version of Pager/Control also monitor each other. This has the added benefit that automation processes can be automatically taken over by other iSeries (AS/400) systems.

SMS Response

The SMS response module uses a GSM modem connected directly to your iSeries or via IP, allowing the system to send SMS messages directly into the air without the need for a telephone line. Furthermore it makes it possible to answer inquiry messages using your mobile telephone from almost anywhere in the world. This feature can be incorporated into your applications to give interactive SMS communication between your company and the world outside.

Installation and Support

Pager/Control runs on the IBM iSeries (AS/400), comes with a complete Application Programming Interface (API) and has been developed in full accordance with iSeries (AS/400) standards. Pager/Control is entirely menu-driven and enhanced by the incorporation of automatic housekeeping and archiving functions. It does not use any front end or black box.

Escherware can install Pager/Control on your machine and provide support (either remote or onsite). Furthermore, Escherware can help tuning the package settings and define the filters for the appropriate automation environment. Of course, all such activities are carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

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