In January last year US bicycle manufacturer, Cannondale purchased Pager/Control for their two iSeries systems in the European Head Office at Oldenzaal. Pager/Control had been running some weeks already in a pilot installation and on a number of occasions had proved its worth by informing the system manager of a potential problem in time to solve it before valuable production time was lost.

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In December 2005 ING Commercial Finance installed Pager/Control on the iSeries system at their Bunnik offices.

Tom Hijman, head of systems and network management at ING Commercial Finance chose Pager/Control because "We want staff (whether in the house or "on call") to be notified by mail or SMS when a problem occurs in our core systems, so they are able to take timely action. This action must be taken not only, in a reactive way but also in a pro-active way where staff are notified on, for example, disk capacity reaching predefined thresholds. Informational messages are being sent to operational staff about successful completion of the save procedure. Messages are sent about the status of our High Availability software solution that is critical to our business to allow 24x7 availability. Disruption of the latter service needs urgent attention.

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